Chrischene Julius – Telling stories from the past to protect the future

A love letter should be filled with romance and affection. In the time of forced removals from District Six, it was anything but – it was a nickname for a notice of eviction. As a result of COVID restrictions which forced its temporary closure, the District Six Museum founded in 1994 could be facing eviction itself unless it can raise some money. To enable them to stay afloat and continue their work of accessing stories and memories to protect the future, manager Chrischene Julius is inviting the public to send in real love letters combined with a donation, regularly or as a once-off they suggest R110, the price of a guided visit. Here she explains why these memories and stories matter.

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Book Stories People is a podcast for people with an appetite for the story behind the story. Whether a book, a play, a movie, poem, song, a blog – or even a tweet, there’s always a back story – more to it than meets the eye. Or the ear. And that’s often where the gold lies. So that’s what I hope to bring you on BSP, the less well-trumpeted tales, the inside intel – from wordsmiths of all disciplines – known, unknown celebrity or completely unheard of. And who am I? You might well ask. Just an independent journalist from the tip of Africa with an appetite for stories that matches your own. Nancy Richards, yours in stories.

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