Motivate Podcast – Discover some Happiness Today

The first episode of the Motivate Coaching podcast, this is an exciting day indeed! Here we talk about happiness Vs positivity and how you can discover some happiness today.
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Your coach, Stuart Isham Fairbairns has spent the past decade as a business leader, guide and personal development mentor in a variety of industries.

Stuart has a wealth of experience in working with individuals one on one through personal and professional development. His career began in the corporate world where strategic integration and business development filled his days. This led to establishing multiple businesses in the conservation and social development arenas. With a passion for people and business Stuart has rare and unique abilities. Guiding you to discover the core issues that stand in between you and your greatest success for you personally and where relevant for your teams and your business.

Books I mentioned: The Happiness Advantage – Shawn Achor People Before Things – Chris Laping Atomic Habits – James Clear

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[Your] Happiness Drives [Your] Success. Transformation lays in powerful conversations. Living the best possible versions of yourself, reaching your greatest potential is often a dream far off for many, is it for you? No matter your experiences, your education, or your age – it is possible.


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