The Realtor – Things are better than you think

I sat down with Chad Shapiro from Sotheby’s to talk about lock-down life and how the real estate market has changed since COVID. Things are not as grim as you might think out there.

In this brief and rather impromptu podcast we talk about how lock-down has been for his 77 year old mom, living 2000 km away from him and how he has managed to stay positive. From the things he’s missed the most to the best discoveries.

Chad is one of those guys you want on your crew. He is the guy that out of thin air sparks up the craziest idea that becomes the highlight of your day. He is a real peoples person so it’s perhaps more vocational that he became a real estate agent. People are naturally drawn to him and find his infectious positivity in life irresistible.

I think we captured a small bit of that magic in this podcast.

Chad is a realtor at Sotheby’s.

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The conversations are casual and unscripted. We talk about life, business and hope to inspire you with insights, lessons learnt and fast track hacks from these entrepreneurs that you can implement in your own business.

The journey of starting and running your own business is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It’s not always glamorous and requires dogged determination to stay the course. Now more than ever we need to share, collaborate and learn from one another to not only survive in this economic climate, but thrive!

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