Juliana Rotich – Face of the Week

Juliana Rotich is one of the most important tech entrepreneurs in Kenya today. Among other things, she developed the app Ushahidi, which enables information of all kinds to be gathered on a map in real time. Today, Ushahidi is used in over 150 countries for a wide variety of purposes, for example for mapping forest fires or riots. The company BRCK, of which Rotich is a co-founder, has been the largest W-Lan provider in sub-Saharan Africa since 2019. For her commitment, Juliana Rotich was recently awarded the German Africa Prize by Chancellor Angela Merkel. In this interview we talk to her about her app, her work in Nairobi and the economic conditions in Kenya.

Juliana Rotich is co-founder of Ushahidi, a non-profit technology company. The Ushahidi platform is used, among other things, for election observation.

Together with others, Juliana Rotich founded BRCK. Among other things, the company produces a battery-powered modem.

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