Rachelle Greef – Writers helping other writers

Writing is a way for all voices to be heard. That is the principle belief of the Jakes Gerwel Foundation whose goal it is to give those voices help and support through a programme of writing retreats. It’s the legacy of academic activist and linguist the late Jakes Gerwel. Well-established and multi-disciplined writer Rachelle Greef has made an art of mentoring up-coming writers. She is one of the mentors chosen for the Foundations writing retreat this year. Here she shares tips, advice and experience.

Rachelle is a mentor for the writing retreat of the Jakes Gerwel Foundationwhich was founded to further the legacy of Gert Johannes Gerwel.

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Book Stories People is a podcast for people with an appetite for the story behind the story. Whether a book, a play, a movie, poem, song, a blog – or even a tweet, there’s always a back story – more to it than meets the eye. Or the ear. And that’s often where the gold lies. So that’s what I hope to bring you on BSP, the less well-trumpeted tales, the inside intel – from wordsmiths of all disciplines – known, unknown celebrity or completely unheard of. And who am I? You might well ask. Just an independent journalist from the tip of Africa with an appetite for stories that matches your own. Nancy Richards, yours in stories.

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Daniella Djan: Going Crazy

In this Lupus Awareness month of May, a young woman describes in a book called Crazy Became Me, how this unpredictable disease took hold of her life. Lupus (meaning wolf) is so called because centuries ago it was said the rash looks like a wolf bite.

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