Sebastian Daniels – Reading between the coffee grounds

Coffee is undoubtedly a good ingredient to connect friends to friends, but Sebastian Daniels also found it a good medium through which to connect to his journalist dad – by means of a blog. This went on to help him connect to a whole new community – and from there into the beginnings of a bridge-building business and social movement between the suburbs and the townships. It’s called Ground Culture and you are invited to share Seb’s passion.

Ground Culture was founded in early 2018 as a platform to develop and grow support for entrepreneurs in and around Cape Town.

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Book Stories People is a podcast for people with an appetite for the story behind the story. Whether a book, a play, a movie, poem, song, a blog – or even a tweet, there’s always a back story – more to it than meets the eye. Or the ear. And that’s often where the gold lies. So that’s what I hope to bring you on BSP, the less well-trumpeted tales, the inside intel – from wordsmiths of all disciplines – known, unknown celebrity or completely unheard of. And who am I? You might well ask. Just an independent journalist from the tip of Africa with an appetite for stories that matches your own. Nancy Richards, yours in stories.

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Daniella Djan: Going Crazy

In this Lupus Awareness month of May, a young woman describes in a book called Crazy Became Me, how this unpredictable disease took hold of her life. Lupus (meaning wolf) is so called because centuries ago it was said the rash looks like a wolf bite.

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