The Digital Nomad – Life on the road in a global pandemic

In this episode of the Business of People I sat down with Oliver Boyers, a recent convert to the lifestyle of a digital nomad. Oliver is a web developer by profession which means as long there’s good wifi, he can work from anywhere.

We talk about his narrow escape from Chile, South America in the days leading up to our hard lock-down in South Africa. How things changed on the ground in a matter of days and some hairy moments in transit at Dubai airport.

We also get into his lock-down project, Nomad Travel Tools, a web application that covers over 9,000 cities around the world providing crucial information for travellers during the planning phase of a trip. Like all great ideas, this one was born from a clear lack of this kind of information for travellers. Stuff like, internet speeds and cost of a coca-cola. What’s very cool too is that users of the tool can contribute too, so the information stays current and relevant.

We also talk about surfing and getting his ass kicked by his girlfriend at Muay Thai.

More on Nomad Travel Tools, here

More on Nomad Travel Tools, here.

Also visit Oliver’s travel blog.

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